Windmill Resources on the Web

The Internet can connect you to a great deal of fun information about windmills around the globe, and I wanted to share just a few of my recent favorites. I recommend these to any South Carolinian interested in learning more about the mills that once graced our coastline.

First, check out the website of the American Wind Power Center and Museum in Lubbock, Texas. Yes, there is a windmill museum in the United States!

Second, I heartily recommend the Dutch website, Penterbak, even if you don’t speak the language. The author builds amazingly detailed models of historic windmills. (In case you’re interested in learning Dutch, by the way, you can use a free language tutorial called Mango through the Charleston County Public Library).

Third, the ironically-titled journal Low Tech Magazine has published a great article by Kris De Decker titled “Wind Powered Factories: History (and Future) of Industrial Windmills.” Note that there’s a list of online resources at the end of the article.