John Laurens and Hamilton, Part 3

John Laurens (1754--1782) by Charles Willson Peale

John Laurens (1754–1782) by Charles Willson Peale

We’ve followed the adventures of John Laurens from his childhood in Charleston to the America siege of British-held Yorktown, and now we conclude this dramatic story by tracing the last ten months of his tragically short life.  Award-winning biographies and hit musicals dedicated to Laurens’s best friend, Alexander Hamilton, don’t provide an accurate description of John’s role at the surrender at Yorktown or his final days back in South Carolina, and that’s a shame.  In this episode, we focus on the tense stalemate between British and American forces in the last year of the war, and take a close look at the facts and the meaning behind the death of Lt. Col. John Laurens in late August 1782.

John Laurens and Hamilton: A Closer Look (Part 3)