Update for Podcast Subscribers

Greetings, fellow time-travelers!

The weekly podcast version of the Charleston Time Machine has moved to a new server, and so the URL for the RSS feed has changed.  If the technology cooperates, you shouldn’t notice any change.

If you are subscribed to the podcast through iTunes, however, there is a small chance that your subscription might not migrate successfully.  If your iTunes account doesn’t automatically grab the upcoming podcast on Friday afternoon, January 26th, 2018, please visit the Charleston Time Machine on iTunes and simply click “subscribe” to renew your service. And please accept my apologies in advance for the inconvenience!

The Charleston Time Machine blog and podcast are migrating to a new home under the new-and-improved website of the Charleston County Public Library.  This change will make my life a bit easier and ensure the long-term continuation of this venture.

Thanks for your support and encouragement!